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Top-class diagnosis and treatment

Top-class diagnosis and treatment

The LHS offers top-quality healthcare services in all medical and surgical specialties and treatments.

The healthcare system is a leader in innovative medical and surgical technologyadvanced medical training and research. Its doctors are distinguished by their excellent professional experience in several fields, and the region is home to top-class universities, including six medical faculties, which stand out for their ability to attract students from other Italian regions and from abroad (three faculties offer medical degree programmes in English).

With some of the most important hospitals in Italy, Lombardy has long attracted highly respected physicians covering many fields of expertise, especially in the area surrounding the regional capital, Milan.

The high proportion of patients from other regions – about 10% and up to 50% in some specialties, such as oncology and cardiology – proves the attractiveness of the LHS. The merits of the model, compared to other Italian regional models, are its high quality of healthcare services within a framework of good control of healthcare spending and a balanced budget.

Several public and private hospitals in Lombardy are internationally recognised facilities, and are increasingly attracting patients from other Italian regions and abroad. Lombardy is particularly notable for the presence of some of the most important centres of excellence for cancer care and research, as well as for other disciplines, including surgical specialties (cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery, paediatric surgery, robotic surgery, cosmetic surgery, etc.).

Most hospitals in Lombardy have international links with other hospitals or research institutes, and experience in international partnerships and cooperation projects.

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