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In a region like Lombardia, mainly focused on industry and the production of services, traditional farming has nevertheless managed to preserve unscathed vitality, maintaining the characteristics for which it has been renowned over the centuries. On the strength of its 50 ,000 farms and 8,000 alimentary firms, Lombardia tops the Italian agricultural sector, the activities of which cover 69% of the national territory. 

Lombard products are an extremely important link in the Italian agro-food industry chain. Lombardia also commands a prestigious position on the quality agro-food production front: 34  PDOs (protected designation of origin) and PGIs (protected geographical indication) products, and 42 wine of marked quality regulation (5 DOCG, 22 DOC e 15 IGT), no less than 264 traditional products, all selected on the basis of their processing, conservation and maturing procedures

The agricultural sector plays an invaluable role in the entire region, not just from an economic point of view but also with respect to the protection, upgrading and improvement of the territory, contributing to the enhancement of its local and tourist identity.