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Transport infrastructure

Transport infrastructure

Airport system:

Lombardy is one of the top European regions for airport infrastructure, the 9th  European region for volume of goods transported by air. The region has 3 main international airports with frequent services to other European centres and the Mediterranean area.

Railway system:

The railway system in Lombardy is very well articulated and is widely used by commuters, business people and tourists. The sys-tem is so extensive that on working days more than 2,300  trains run, with over 700,000 travellers.

New high-speed and high-capacity lines have been developed to allow mixed traffic of passenger and freight trains for long and medium distan-ces, reducing travel times from Milan to major Italian and European destinations, such as Milan-Paris by TGV.
Several infrastructure developments are being planned or being built, e.g. Corridor 5 Kiev - Lisbon, which will place Milan on a key pan-European high-speed rail route.Planning, regulation and control of rail services is among the region’s responsibilities. The Lombardy region has provided railway companies with around 1.6  bilion € over the period 2005-2015 and it plans the suburban and regional trains schedule.

Road and motorway network:

In 2015 about  210 million tonnes of goods entered Lombardy by road from other Italian regions, which is 22.3% of the national total.

The network is based  on more than 700 km of motorways, 10.000 km of provincial road, 58.000 km of municipal road.