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Industry and craft trade

A series of indicators proves the vitality of the Lombard economic system: the gross domestic product (GDP) amounts to 350 billion euro and represents 21,9% of the national value. The GDP per capita is € 36.600 which is more than european average of € 30.600. According to the data, the GDP per capita of Lombardy ranks fifth in Europe.

Lombardia is the seat of the Italian Stock Exchange, one of the most important European financial centres, and accommodates the largest trade fair site in southern Europe, with an area of over 2 million square metres. The reliability of the Lombardia economic system is endorsed by the Moody agency report, which conferred a high rating (Baa1) on the region.

The privileged geographic position and the entrepreneurial inclination of its people have allowed Lombardia to operate on the national and international scene as an accredited dynamic interlocutor from an economic point of view, and to become one of the most industrialised areas in Europe.