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Lombardy Healthcare System

Lombardy Healthcare System

The LHS is well known for its high standards and efficiency.

There are over 200 private and public accredited hospitals and 18 research hospitals (IRCCS). The majority of hospitals are run by the Lombardy Health Service, while about 22.4% of beds are located in private hospitals, either profit or not-for-profit.

The LHS employs approximately 130,000 skilled healthcare workers, including 30,000 specialist physicians and 8,000 General Practitioners and Paediatricians.
These healthcare professionals are committed to providing safe and excellent clinical care, and a strong orientation towards “quality” is a notable feature of the majority of healthcare organisations within the region.

Not-for-profit organisations (volunteers and patients’ associations) are very well represented in Lombardy and help to support service provision in many public and private hospitals located in the region.

Most hospital physicians speak English, while a number of nurses and nurse assistants speak other languages, particularly Spanish and Russian, since there is an ever-increasing number of foreign healthcare workers employed within hospitals in Lombardy. The official working language within hospitals is Italian. English is understood in tourist areas.