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Lombardy creativity

The classic major assets of the Lombard economy are fashion and design, two sectors in which the added value is above all due to creativity and innovation. One of Lombardia’s most outstanding forms of excellence is expressed by fashion, which has traditionally elected Milan as its national capital.

Over half of Italian stylists and designers are Lombard, as are the sector’s trade fair events. In order to fully appreciate the value of this productive domain, just think that – among the 50 top names of international fashion – many operate in Lombardia: Armani, Prada, Versace, Dolce e Gabbana, Ferré, Krizia, Fiorucci. Just in Milan there are over 13.079  fashion enterprises and textile manufacturers.

Design is undoubtedly another asset of the Lombard economic system’s excellence, and one of its main symbols is represented by one of the headquarters of the Lombardia Region itself, the Pirelli skyscraper. 127 metres tall, designed in post-war times by architect and designer Giò Ponti, with its unique “diamond” shape it represents a masterpiece of contemporary architecture. The extraordinary quality of the constructive elements’ design and its technical, structural, functional and aesthetic characteristics award this tower significant international consequence.