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Legal Notices

Requirements for links 


Links to this site require prior authorisation from the Lombardy Regional Administration, which authorises the creation of links in accordance with the terms and conditions below. 
Anyone wishing to link to this website must inform the Lombardy Regional Administration in advance by sending an email to infoweb@regione.lombardia.it, providing company/personal details.  The same email address must be used to provide details of any changes to the link (removal, amendment or anything else). 
Authorisation for directly linking to www.regione.lombardia.it requires compliance with the following terms and conditions: 
The link must not cause a user any confusion as to ownership of the website's content or the activities of the linked site and those offered through the Lombardy Regional Administration's website; 
The Link must be such that the user is taken directly to the home page. 
Deep linking, inline linking and framing are forbidden. 
The Lombardy Regional Administration reserves the right to remove this authorisation at any time. Moreover, creating a link to www.regione.lombardia.it shall constitute complete acceptance of these rules. 


All the content (texts, images, film clips, graphics, brands, logos, audio-visual material and so on) and information on this site is owned exclusively by the Lombardy Regional Administration and/or third parties, and it is protected under current law governing copyright (Law no. 633/1941 as updated and amended), patents and intellectual property. Such content or information may be provided under copyright protection (i.e. with rights reserved) or with creative commons licensing (i.e. with certain rights reserved). 
It is forbidden to reproduce, communicate, rent, loan, make available to the public or otherwise disseminate any of the content or information without authorisation from the holder of the rights. 
All content may only be downloaded or used in compliance with what is acceptable under the relevant rights and, in any case, not for commercial purposes. 
Any breaches shall be punished by imposing the sanctions set out in Articles 171 and 174 of the aforesaid law. 


Use of the site 
Under no circumstances can the Lombardy Regional Administration be held liable for any damage, of any nature, caused directly or indirectly by accessing the site, by the inability or impossibility to access it or by the use of news/information contained in it. Quotations can be included in news items or reviews provided they are accompanied by the term "Regione Lombardia" (Lombardy Regional Administration) and the URL. 
The Lombardy Regional Administration will undertake to provide updated news/information on its site. 
The Lombardy Regional Administration reserves the right to reproduce the texts in other publications. 
The Lombardy Regional Administration reserves the right to modify the site content and legal notices at any moment without prior notice.


Access to connected external sites 
The Lombardy Regional Administration is not responsible in any way for the sites that can be accessed using the links found on the website. The Lombardy Regional Administration is not responsible for information obtained by a user by accessing sites using the hyperlinks. The owners of the sites accessed are responsible for the completeness and information on their sites, as per the terms they set out. 
Social media plug-ins 
Plug-ins for some of the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) are found on the site. 
If a user uses these plug-ins, then the data provided is collected and handled solely by the relevant social network operators, in accordance with their stated terms and conditions. Thus, users should read the information on privacy provided by the relevant social networks: 
Unless otherwise indicated, everything that can be downloaded from this site - e.g. technical documentation, laws, forms and software -  is available freely and without charge under the terms and conditions set out by the owner. 
Computer viruses 
The Lombardy Regional Administration does not guarantee that the site is free from errors or viruses. The Lombardy Regional Administration and its suppliers are not responsible for any damage suffered by users because of such harmful agents.