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Ecosistema Digitale E015

E015 Digital Ecosystem

E015 digital ecosystem is an open, competitive, non-discriminatory digital environment for the development of integrated software applications.

The initiative was born from the collaboration between Expo 2015 SpA and Confindustria, CCIAA of Milan, Confcommercio, Assolombarda and Trade Union, with CEFRIEL-Politecnico Milan Technical-Scientific Coordination, for the benefit of all the companies and businesses of territory. Since October 31, 2015, the Lombardy Region has been replaced by Expo 2015 SpA to continue the management and development of E015.

Through the E015 environment, each "adherent subject" (company, body, association) can join the ecosystem:
membership is free and can be activated online through the E015 Website. E015 provides members with guidelines for participating in the ecosystem –i.e., the E015 “common language” –for interoperating with other members.
Members can contribute to the ecosystem in different ways. They can:

  • publish E015 APIs, i.e., expose part of their own information assets in the ecosystem through Web services, so that other members can ask for them in order to build integrated applications for the end-user.
  • Build E015 end-user applications, i.e., develop Web sites, mobile apps, information kiosks etc. providing end-users with value added contents and functionalities by asking for the data provided in real-time by the E015 APIs.


L15 is a web application designed using the collaborative approach specified by E015 Digital Ecosystem.
Besides offering its own contents in the app, RegioneLombardiaalso showcases and champions that of others within its territory. This is made available through the E015 digital ecosystem which defines technical standards and rules for effective information sharing through web services. This gives citizens an increasingly integrated and constantly extended view of their home areaand the services available within it. As well as being a tool for discovering the wealth of resources available in Lombardy, the purpose of L15 is to showcase the main contents shared through the digital ecosystem. For that reason L15 is subjected to continuous development as E015 evolves itself.

The beauty of the landscape, the variety of events, the opportunities offered by the local area, the online services proposed by RegioneLombardia