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International relations: actions and interventions

The Lombardy Region has established longstanding international relations with foreign countries, regions and local governments, as well as with bodies governed by public international law.

Lombardy’s international programmes are designed to: foster economic, institutional and cultural relations beyond Italy’s borders; consolidate Lombardy’s role within the European Union; contribute towards implementing community cohesion policies; develop enduring partnerships with the leading regions of Europe and the world at large; encourage development cooperation within national and supranational guidance frameworks.

These goals are pursued via: a packed programme of international meetings, both at the an institutional and technical level, with dialogue partners located all over the world; international missions aiming to drive the internationalisation of Lombardy’s businesses and communities in key markets identified in cooperation with local chambers of commerce; events organised throughout the region with a view to attracting foreign investment and raising awareness of the opportunities offered by the Lombardy Region; specific cooperation agreements with international counterparties keen to strengthen exchanges of every kind; closely monitoring of European Union programmes and contributing operationally towards implementing the community cross-border and transnational cooperation programmes in which the region is involved; the periodically earmarking of funding – both independently and with the participation of other parties – for international development cooperation initiatives in countries ranked as high priority by the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and major international organisations.