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Vaccination campaign

Anti-Covid19 vaccination campaign

A.I.R.E. members, other categories from ordinance 7/2021, seafarers (SASN) and foreigners (STP) -The Ordinance n. 7 of 24 April 2021 of the Special Commissioner for the emergency Covid-19 provided that the following categories of people not registered with the National Health Service are allowed to get vaccinated against SARS-Cov-2:
•    Italian citizens registered with the A.I.R.E. (Italian Register of Residents Abroad), temporarily living on the national territory;
•    European Union institutions employees and their dependents together with the staff of the same institutions in quiescence living on the national territory;
•    Diplomatic agents and the technical-administrative staff of diplomatic missions and their dependents living on the national territory;
•    International bodies and institutions staff with their dependents family members together with the staff of those bodies and organisations in retirement living on the national territory;
•    Seafarers (SASN).

These citizens are allowed to reserve an appointment to get vaccinated through the following platform https://prenotazionevaccinicovid.regione.lombardia.it/ By clicking on “Prenota il vaccino”, selecting their category and following the procedure to enter their data.

Citizens registered to the A.I.R.E. without tax code must select from the drop-down menu the option "Italian member A.I.R.E. without tax code" and proceed to the placement of their personal data.
Foreign citizens possessing Italian Tax Code, 11-digit unique code or STP (Foreigners Temporarily Present), to access the booking platform, have to request the confirmation of their appointment by entering their data in the system and following the dedicated path. Within 24/48 hours from the enrollment request (pre-accession) it will be possible to access the platform and book the anti Covid-19 vaccine.
Foreigners temporarily staying in Lombardy without tax code, unique code or STP can access the reservation by contacting the toll-free number 800 894545 (selection 1, post selection 3). The call center will give them a specific code to access the reservation through the booking platform https://prenotazionevaccinicovid.regione.lombardia.it/ or directly through the call center.

University students vaccinations From Monday 16th August university students, including the ones from other regions and foreigners, will be allowed to book an appointment to get their COVID-19 vaccination through the following platform: prenotazionevaccinicovid.regione.lombardia.it
In order to access the reservation it is necessary to fill the dedicated page with tax code and health card number and subsequently carry out the reservation. If the platform doesn’t allow a direct access, you will have to fill in with your personal data a pre-accession application by clicking on “Richiedi abilitazione”. Within 24/48 hours from the request it will be possible to proceed with the reservation.
All students possessing only tax code or other identification codes (e.g. foreign students), can access the reservation by clicking on “Prenota il vaccino” and following the directions for their category.