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Protect yorself, protect the others.

Coronavirus, let’s stop it together


MASKS - In Lombardy, it is always mandatory to wear the mask or any other garment to protect mouth and nose, each time you are outside home. The mask is not mandatory for children under the age of six, for people with disabilities that enable them to wear the mask for a long period and for carers who need to interact with them.

MOVEMENTS -  Movements are allowed for proven working needs, health reasons or situations of necessity.
Starting from May 4th, it will be possible to visit relatives (kin and alike, spouses, partners, stable fiancées, stable relations) as long as the ban on gatherings is always respected inside private houses as well, keeping safety distancing and using respiratory tracts protectionsTravels to other regions are still forbidden, except for proven working needs, health reasons or situations of extreme necessity. It is possible to go back to your own domicile, residence or home. It is still mandatory to always bring the self-certification with youQuarantine people, or people who show symptoms of respiratory infection or fever higher than 37.5°C must absolutely stay home.

PUBLIC TRANSPORTOn public transports, it is mandatory to wear masks and gloves. It is up to passengers having masks and gloves at disposal and wearing them correctly, starting from the moment they approach the station, the bus stop or the transport platform, as long as during the queue to drop on, until the moment they leave the transport service. The forbidden seats are indicated with visible signals; The sanitization and disinfection of all transports, infrastructures and stations are carried out at least once a day; The underground and railway stations elevators are primarily reserved to people with reduced mobility; It is always allowed to bring kick scooters, folding bikes and other electric micro-mobility disposals.

MARKETS - Municipalities are allowed to reopen one or more open-air markets present in their territory for the food products sale, given that they guarantee the respect of the health care and safety measures as specified in the Ordinance. Market indoor halls can reopen, for the sale of the products allowed to be sold, provided that the Major of the Municipality adopts a plan for each specific market and control that all measures are respected. All festivals are suspended as long as non-food products sale activities inside open-air markets.

RETAIL TRADE - The access to retail trade activities is allowed to one family member only, with the exception for those who need to take care of elders, minors or disabled. Retailers are obligated to provide their customers with disposable gloves and hydroalcoholic solutions for hands hygiene before entering to the store. To all supermarkets and discounts owners it is highly recommended the temperature measuring of both customers and staff members before allowing the entrance: those who will have body temperature equal to or higher than 37.5 ° C must immediately go back home limiting any social contact and contact the family doctor.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY - It will be possible to do physical activity outdoor without the restriction of 200 meters distance from home.
The activity must be individual, or with another one person for people underage or people with disabilities, always respecting the safety distance from other peopleParks and gardens will be open but it will not be possible to do ludic or recreational activities outdoor; it means that the playing areas for children remain closed.

ATHLETES TRAINING - It will be possible to do sports trainings for athletes recognized as national interest by the CONI, the CIP and the related sports federations. The trainings must be carried out respecting the norms of social distancing and behind closed doors.

BAR, RESTAURANTS (only take away services) - While waiting for bar and restaurants reopening, it is confirmed the possibility to do catering activities with take away and home delivery services. Food consumption cannot take place inside bars and restaurants, nor will gatherings be allowed outside, without the respect of social distancing between people. Activities such as pubs, ice cream shops and bakeries will remain closed, except for dining halls and continuous catering on a contractual basis, which guarantee interpersonal safety distance of at least 1 meter.

PRODUCTION ACTIVITIESFrom May 4th manufacturing activities will restart, along with constructions and wholesale trade activities specified in attachment n°3 of the National Decree. The activities will have to respect all the safety norms as provided by the Protocols signed between the social parts, under sanction of activity suspension. The Protocol rule, between other things, the norms to respect for entry into the company, the extraordinary disinfection in all common areas, health surveillancecompany organization and distancing between employees. All suspended activities can still work if structured for smart working.

OTHER ECONOMIC ATCIVITIES -  It is allowed the prosecution of accommodation activities for students and workers, as long as accommodation services and it is also allowed pet care activities, provide that the service is carried out by appointment and without any direct contact between people. Slot machines activities are still totally blocked. As for slot machines dealers, it is mandatory to lock them down with the deactivation of game monitors and screens, no matter the kind of shop or activity that includes these devices (including online virtual gaming), in order to prevent customers from staying inside the places.

FUNERALS - From May 4th funerals will be allowed again, but only for strict relatives (first or second degree of consanguinity) and for a maximum of 15 people. Religious functions must take place outdoor whether possible, wearing respiratory tracts protections and strictly respecting safety distance between people.

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