Lombardy Region at the forefront of the EU week of Regions&Cities 2018

From 8 to 11 October Lombardy Region took part to the yearly EU regional showcase in Brussels with several seminars and events.

Empowering women

On Monday 8 was on stage the event of the Four Motors for Europe “Empowerment of Women in Science and Business – Best Practice Examples”.

Focus of the debate unleashing the potential of women in business and science in order to better develop our economy and society.

During the event Baden-Wuettemberg, Auvergne-Rhone Alpes, Lombardy Region and Catalogna presented their best practise in the SMET professional careers path.

Prof. Samek Lodovici and Gagliardo introduced the Lombard project “Girls can”, whose goal is to inform, encourage and raise awareness for a conscious selection among the STEM high education degrees.

Another City is Possible

On Tuesday 9 October the Regional minister for Environment of Lombardy Region Raffaele Cattaneo talked about circular economy, innovation and sustainable mobility at the event “Addressing the challenges of the XXI century through innovative measures”.

The gathering has been opened by the EC Director-general of DG Connect Roberto Viola.

Cattaneo: "Back to politics"

Mr Cattaneo took also part to the debates on the Future of Europe and the Opening of the week's meetings: "We agrree with Junker's idea about the importance of cohesion’s policies, but need to follow it up with concrete facts and resources", he said.

"The first reform that Europe needs, added Mr Cattaneo, is to go back to politics with less beaurocracy  and more vision".

Another workshop took place at the same time “Affordable and high quality childcare in the EU: Adapting to local needs”, focusing on education and child care.

Ms. Gagliard of Lombardy Region presented ther free-childcare facility model.

Smart Milan

On Wednesday 10 October at the EU City of Prague’s representative Mr Dario Manuli presented the best practice “Smart Milano” at the conference dedicated to smart cities.

Focus was on environment performances, transport, new technologies and energy. Scandinavian.


On Thursday 11 at the seminar “Fact based macro-regional cooperation for better decision making” – organised by Nordregio – the participants talked about macroregional strategies with a statistic and cross- topic approach in a Scandinavian taste.

The meeting has been an occasion to compare the Macro regional strategies and all the collaborative instruments as the knowledge platform and the open innovation. Lombardy Region was present with Ms Roberta Negriolli of the Delegation to the EU.


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